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1575 Aber Road, Orlando, FL 32807


OPF1 Demolition

Complete documentary of the NASA Space Shuttle Hanger, or Orbital Processing Facility. OPF1 stood at Kennedy Space Center for almost five decades.

Freedom Plaza Time Lapse

Deconstruction and structural demolition of historic Freedom Plaza, a 12-story concrete building on a busy intersection in the heart of Washington DC.

Cocoa Water Tower Demolition

The controlled fall of the water tower of the Cocoa Beach Jail.

Berkman II Implosion

18 Story Building implosion of the Berkman II Tower on March 6, 2022

Jacksonville Times Union Demolition

2022 demolition of the former Jacksonville Times Union facility.

Treasure Island Hotel Demolition

12 Story High Reach demolition of the historic Treasure Island Hotel in Daytona Beach Shores Florida.