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1575 Aber Road, Orlando, FL 32807
Ultra-High Demolition

There’s risk involved in any demolition project, but the potential for mishaps increases with altitude. If you have an ultra-high building that you want to come down safely, you need experts you can trust.

At Pece of Mind Environmental, Inc., our ultra-high demolition team stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

We’ve owned ultra-high excavators since 2005, and our four highly-skilled operators have logged over 10,000 hours demolishing ultra-high structures without a single incident involving safety or property damage. No other company in the state of Florida even comes close to our level of experience.

Our 95’ High Reach Excavators are equipped with shears for cutting steel and concrete and have the power and precision to safely and efficiently demolish buildings in excess of 9 stories.

If the building is higher than that, we can systematically dismantle the structure or use controlled explosive charges based on the project specifics.

Contact us today and get our expert ultra-high demotion team working to ensure safety and protect your property.