Shamu Stadium Upgrade


Orlando, Fl

Scope of Work

The existing Shamu Stadium located at Sea World, Orlando, Fl. was in the process of being re-themed and updated. The project consisted of removing 8 concrete columns located in or around the center stage island and removal of the Jumbo Tron feature located directly in the middle of center stage. Safety of the Whales, project work times, slurry control and debris clean up were of the utmost importance. Two elaborate containment systems were built to contain the diamond wire saw and the slurry from the associated concrete cutting. Slurry had to be removed and the containments cleaned prior to moving to the next column. The columns were cut in sizes to match the lifting capacities of a 500 ton crane, then “flown” out of the center stage area where they were processed and recycled. This project was performed during “off show” daylight hours as the whales were present in the work area and shows were held daily.


Friedrich Watkins Company