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Lead Abatement

Lead was commonly added to paint for its pigment, to increase durability, decrease drying time, and make the paint more resistant to moisture.

Unfortunately, after coating most industrial and household surfaces with this resilient heavy metal, scientists discovered that exposure to lead causes many harmful effects, including, at high levels, convulsions, coma, and death.
Lead was banned as a paint additive in 1978, but many structures that were constructed prior still contain this toxic substance.

Our lead abatement team assesses the risk at each contaminant site, and each member wears the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment. Typically lead paint needs to be removed from metal or concrete, and our experienced team determines if this particular incident would best be resolved using chemical removal agents or grinders equipped with vacuums designed for this purpose.

An independent 3rd party is always on-site to provide real-time analysis of air and surfaces to ensure that all lead is properly removed.

Call or email us today to learn how Pece of Mind Environmental, Inc. can safely remove lead from your structure.