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1575 Aber Road, Orlando, FL 32807
Building Demolition

What goes up must come down, but with Pece of Mind Environmental, Inc., you can be sure that everything comes down safely and in control. Safety is the first priority with any of our projects.

Our seasoned experts always demolish buildings per federal, state and local guidelines and watch for unnoticed construction mistakes or inconsistencies that can change the demolition dynamics and surprise a less-experienced crew. Because we own one of the largest demolition equipment fleets in the state, we always use the right machine for the right job.

At Pece of Mind Environmental, Inc., our experience has earned us expertise and a complete understanding of the technical considerations involved in demolishing schools, hotels, theme parks, shopping centers, industrial facilities, high-rise buildings and other challenges.

Contact us today to learn how we can give you Pece of Mind for your next demolition project.