Pece Of Mind

There’s a science to demolition and environmental remediation that goes far beyond just knocking things down. In order to protect lives and property, you need to take precautions andaccount for outside forces. And to make it happen on time, every time, you need to have experienced crews, the right equipment, and proactive, responsive management.
Based in Orlando,Pece of Mind Environmental, Inc. has been Florida’s premiere demolition firm since 2001. With seasoned, professional crews and one of the largest—and newest—fleets of demolition equipment in the state, Pece of Mind Environmental, Inc. can make your demolition or environmental remediation project happen safely. On time, and on budget, every time.

Building Demolition
Interior Demolition
Ultra-High Demolition
Concrete Cutting
Asbestos Abatement
Lead Abatement
Contaminated Soil Removal
Recycled Aggregate Sales